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A Sunday lunchtime series in which some of the liveliest contemporary theologians and spiritual teachers speak about the challenges, contradictions and joys of being a Christian in the world today. Each event includes time for questions and answers.

The events take place 1-2pm on the first Sunday in the month in the Wren Suite in the crypt of St Paulís Cathedral. Admission is free, un-ticketed and open to all. Seating is first come, first served.

2014 Sunday Forum Programme 
Sunday 7 December
Walking Backwards to Christmas
Stephen Cottrell
Can we ever encounter the Christmas stories as if for the first time? Stephen Cottrell tells the story backwards and from the perspective of some of the characters we donít usually hear from or think of as Christmas people - the prophets Anna and Moses, the Innkeeperís wife, Rachel who weeps for her children, as well as Isaiah, the shepherds, wise men, Joseph and Mary. Often told as a story of unalloyed light, the mixture of these different Christmas voices gives us something more nuanced and real, illuminating with fresh insight the storyís uncertainties and horrors as well as its joys. Stephen Cottrell is the Bishop of Chelmsford and the author of a number of best-selling books including How to Pray and Do Nothing to Change Your Life: Discovering What Happens When You Stop. His new Advent book, Walking Backwards to Christmas, is published this year.>
There is no Sunday Forum in January 2015, but it will begin again on Sunday 1 February 2015 and continue throughout the year.

Sunday 1 February 2014
An Idol Unmasked: A Faith Perspective on Money
Peter Selby

Our societyís attitude to money, says Bishop Peter Selby, has become reminiscent of the ancient religions that worshipped idols. ĎIt Ė money, mammon Ė has encouraged us to believe that a sophisticated game of second guessing is the only sensible response to its fearful power, and that having more and more of it is the only wise ambition and the only security against a life of penury and misery. Money doesnít just talk, it rules.í Peter Selby is one of the few theologians reflecting on the role of money in our personal and public lives, and his new book exploring the subject, An Idol Unmasked: A Faith Perspective on Money was published in 2014. In this talk he will reflect on this modern phenomenon, and ask how we can be freed from the tyranny of moneyís power over us.

Peter Selby has since 2011 been one of the Directing Team at St Paulís Institute, and was until 2007 Bishop of Worcester and Bishop to HM Prisons. His previous book,Grace and Mortgage: The Language of Debt and the Faith of the World, published in 1997, foreshadowed many aspects of the financial crisis of 2007/8.

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Walking Backwards to Christmas - Stephen Cottrell

Walking Backwards to Christmas - Stephen Cottrell

An Idol Unmasked - Peter Selby

An Idol Unmasked - Peter Selby   Enlarge