St Paul's Cathedral

City Livery Companies

Londonís 110 livery companies, the oldest of which trace their history back to medieval trade guilds, are today groups of men and women committed to charitable giving for schools, crafts, training, almshouses and much more besides.

Some 40 still have their own Hall and there are 26,000 liverymen and 15,500 freemen overall. It is estimated that City Livery Companies give some £40m a year to charitable causes and St Paulís has been very fortunate to have enjoyed the support of City livery companies, in some cases over many hundreds of years.

In 1878 the cathedralís new ring of bells in the NW tower were funded by the Clothworkers (1), Drapers (2), Fishmongers (1), Grocers (1), Merchant Taylors (1), Salters (1) Turners (4) and indeed the City Corporation (1).

In the late 1890s, the sparkling quarter dome mosaics were commissioned from William Blake Richmond thanks to support from the Mercers, Grocers, Goldsmiths and Merchant Taylors whose shields appear below each mosaic. 80 livery companies were able to support the St Paulís Cathedral 300th Anniversary Restoration Campaign at some point between 2000-8 for which Chapter are most grateful.

It is sometimes possible for St Paulís to link the original craft of the livery company with some aspect of the cathedralís work; the Clothworkers (whose first recorded donation to St Paulís was in 1631), Broderers and Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers supported new sets of clerical vestments; the Leathersellers donated funds for new leathers for the Grand Organ and repairs to leather-bound books in the Library; the Ironmongers and Blacksmiths supported ironwork railings in the Churchyard; the Lightmongers the interior lighting; the Glaziers a glass honours board; the Wax Chandlers the High Altar candles and the Musicians a chorister.

Every year the cathedral hosts a number of occasions which representatives of livery companies attend including the United Guilds Service, held at St Paulís every year since 1943.

In the twelve months since the 2013 service, the Chapter of St Paulís Cathedral most gratefully acknowledge the support of the following livery companies:

Apothecaries, Armourers and Brasiers, Blacksmiths, Brewers, Builders Merchants, Carpenters, Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, Clockmakers, Clothworkers*, Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers, Cooks, Coopers, Cordwainers, Curriers, Cutlers, Distillers, Drapers*, Dyers, Fan Makers, Feltmakers, Fishmongers*, Founders*, Girdlers*, Glass Sellers, Glovers*, Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers*, Goldsmiths*, Grocers*, International Bankers, Ironmongers**, Joiners and Ceilers, Leathersellers, Lightmongers, Marketors, Masons, Mercers*, Merchant Taylors, Musicians*, Needlemakers*, Parish Clerks, Pattenmakers*, Pewterers, Plaisterers*, Plumbers, Saddlers, Salters, Scriveners*, Stationers and Newspaper Makers, Tallow Chandlers*, Tobacco Pipe Makers, Tylers and Bricklayers, Vintners, Wax Chandlers, Woolmen, United Guilds Service Trust.

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*indicates support of a choristership, two more of which are also supported by the Order of the British Empire, two by Morden College and one each by the Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor, the Friends of St Paul's and Mark Pigott KBE

Livery Companies and other Benefactors with the Choristers they support at their Annual Reception (September 2014)   Enlarge

Members of the Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers with their Chorister, the Chorister's Parents and the Canon Chancellor   Enlarge

Master and Guests from the Worshipful Company of Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers with their Chorister and the Precentor   Enlarge

The Master, Middle Warden and Chaplain of the Innholders with the Chorister whose instrumental lessons they are supporting for the next three years   Enlarge

Grocer Chorister and others singing at the Grocers Carol Service at St Mary le Bow   Enlarge