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Friends & Fundraising Office, St Paul's Cathedral
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Director of Fundraising

Deputy Director
Roger Walkinton

Supporter Services Manager
Fundraising Department: 020 7246 8371
Friends Office: 020 7246 8308
Registered charity 1082711

American donors may support St Paul's Cathedral through St Paul's Cathedral Trust in America (SPCTA), a U.S. 501c3 non-profit organization with full IRS tax deductibility. SPCTA's mission is to engage American supporters in the work of the Cathedral, and to support that work financially.

To make a donation, American taxpayers can complete and mail the US donation form to the address below by clicking here.

All gifts are appreciated, and will be used to support St Paul's programs and projects in the US and in London.

For further information regarding the St Paul's Cathedral Trust in America contact:  

Mark H Hansen, PhD 
Executive Director
St Paul's Cathedral Trust in America
20 West 44th Street Nr 508A
New York, NY 10036

Telephone: 001 551 795 0001