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The choristers of St Paul's urgently need funds to support the next generation of music-makers who inspire the life and work of the Cathedral.

These choirboys work tirelessly to achieve the high standards that we and the nation expect of them without any state funding. To ensure we can be open to all who have the talent no matter their background we must secure long-term funding to enable bursaries to be awarded to those individuals. The training and experience the choristers gain at St Paul's stands them in great stead for their future careers. Former St Paul's choristers have distinguished themselves in business, sport, the arts and many walks of life – and, with your help, this training and development of talent from all backgrounds can continue. Music is at the heart of St Paul's.

  • The choristers are the voice of St Paul's Cathedral
  • For almost a thousand years, a choral tradition has been at the heart of the Cathedral's daily life
  • It is a choral tradition admired throughout the world

As a core ingredient in supporting and enriching worship at St Paul's, the cathedral's music is a beacon of excellence worldwide which we want to foster and develop.

With your help we can sustain the excellent quality and standard of music and underpin the substantial financial commitment to music made every year by Chapter to the musical life of St Paul's Cathedral. This amounts to some £1,300,000pa.

While the cathedral currently receives almost £300,000pa from generous individuals, City livery companies, commercial companies and Music Patrons towards the cost of music at the cathedral, there is still £1,000,000 to find annually.

The Choristers
Chapter make a unique commitment to cover in full the costs of up to 34 boy choristers' tuition fees at the adjoining Cathedral School, in return for the boys' and their families' commitment to fulfil the particularly demanding musical programme at St Paul's.

In order to be able to continue to attract parents willing to enrol their boy as a chorister, with the heavy commitment and long absences from home that this will entail for some six years, the endowment fund of The Chorister Trust needs to be increased by £1,000,000.This would enable grant levels to be offered of nearer £100,000 in future years.

To learn more about St Paul's Cathedral School, click here; to learn more about the choristers' activities, including their recent trip to Dresden, Germany, click here.

Music at St Paul's
St Paul's Cathedral has a long-standing tradition of music-making: there has been a choir of boy choristers and gentlemen singers at St Paul's for over nine centuries. The music at St Paul's is performed to the highest standards of excellence.
Specifically St Paul's seeks either committed annual funding of £20,000, or full endowment of £500,000, for each of these posts:

  • Vicars Choral, 12
  • Organists, 2
  • Organ Scholar (post already endowed in perpetuity)
  • Director of Music, 1

How You Can Help
You can help us to meet this funding gap of £1,000,000 annually and, in addition, seek to generate a further £1,000,000 endowment for the choristers'' charity to augment the bursary funding we can offer to families of choristers.

You can also help by supporting an individual chorister. 20 of the 34 choristers are currently supported by benefactors. Medals are worn by choristers at special services reflecting support of benefactors; new medals require a financial commitment of £6,000p.a. over a minimum of 6 years, the usual duration of a boy's time in the choir.

We welcome any and all support for music at whatever level is possible.You can support music at St Paul's in one or more of these ways:

  • A donation towards the choristers' charity
  • A donation for music in general or some other aspect of music at St Paul's
  • A gift in your Will for music, choristers or other aspect of music at St Paul's to help endow the future

In any of these cases you can specify that your gift is either for spending now or for long-term endowment to produce annual funding.

Click on the leaflet for further information or contact   directly.

Hitting the Right Note at St Paul's


On Wednesday 15 October, the choristers sang a recital at The Old Bailey attended by HRH The Duchess of Gloucester and over 200 guests. The very successful event raised a significant amount of money for the Chorister Trust.   Enlarge

Master from the Worshipful Company of Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers with their Chorister and the Precentor   Enlarge

A chorister is invested with the new choristership medal reflecting the support of the Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor whose chapel is in the SE Crypt   Enlarge

The Choristers perform at the Gala Concert in February 2013   Enlarge

Former St Paul's Choristers reunited 60 years after singing at HM The Queen's Coronation service in 1953   Enlarge

Jane Wren - Marble Monument

Jane Wren Marble Monument

Organ Pipes

Organ Pipes