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Distance Learning Resources

Resilience and Hope

The current St Paul’s Cathedral rose out of the ashes of the Great Fire of London and survived the Blitz.
Its stones are saturated with stories of resilience and it stands as a beacon of hope for our nation.

All of our Distance Learning resources are framed around these twin themes of resilience and hope. There are resources for all Key Stages, many of them curriculum connected. They include history, maths & science, religious stories & symbolism, art, and literacy, and many of the activities encourage creativity and reflective or empathetic thinking.

Click on the links below to download worksheets, crafts, stories and colouring sheets. 
We hope you enjoy exploring them!
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The Rebuilding of a Cathedral
Learn about how St Paul’s was rebuilt after the Great Fire of London and discover facts about its design. Meet Sir Christopher Wren and explore the maths & science of this amazing building.

The Great Fire of London Story Sheet
Learning from the Great Fire of London
Resurgam: St Paul’s Cathedral and the Phoenix
Make a Phoenix
Shapes in St Paul’s Cathedral
Shapes and Materials Meet and Match
2D Shapes Meet and Match
2D Shapes Treasure Hunt
Dome of Hope
A Circle Poem

St Paul’s during the Blitz
Discover stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things during World War II. Think about their bravery, and explore creative ways to give thanks to courageous people in our communities today.

Activity sheets to download:
St Paul’s Cathedral during the Blitz
Remembrance and Giving thanks
Elfreda and Volunteering
Bravery and Medals

David’s Story

Video about St Paul's Watch: Guardians of St Paul's (1944)

Sacred Space
St Paul’s is a working church and was designed to be the People’s Church. Learn about the worship that takes place here, listen to the choir, and explore the religious symbolism of the building.

Activity sheets to download:
Our Patron Saints
Make your own Special Space


The Art of St Paul’s
Explore the many different types of art displayed in St Paul’s from mosaics to sculpture. Read and listen to some of the poetry inspired by this beautiful building, before creating your own work of St Paul’s inspired art!







Stories of Resilience and Hope
Listen to the audiobook Faith the Cat: a story of feline fortitude and fearlessness

Faith the Cat Activity Sheet

Coming soon: Florence Nightingale

Colouring Sheets
Light of the World Colouring Sheet
Hope Mosaic Colouring Sheet
Light Mosaic Colouring Sheet
Love Mosaic Colouring Sheet
Peace Mosaic Colouring Sheet