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Winners of 300th Anniversary Photo Competition

10 August 2011

Winners of 300th Anniversary Photo Competition

Michael Murphy is the winner of the St Paul’s Cathedral 300th Anniversary Photo Competition. Michael took the title after capturing the judges’ imagination with this stunning photograph of the dome illuminated red to mark World AIDS Day.

The Reverend Canon Mark Oakley, Treasurer of St Paul’s and one of the judges, said:
"Amongst so many poignant photographs of the cathedral this one stood out. It captures the cathedral by night as it responds to an urgent situation in the world. The darkness and snow seem to retreat from a warmer light than the streets can give and which is centred on the dome. It is almost as if the dome is on fire, not in a Blitz this time, but in solidarity with those who live with HIV / AIDS. Michael’s photograph beautifully structures a meditation.”

In addition to the overall winner, nine other winning images were chosen by the judges. All ten photographs will be displayed in the crypt as part of the digital timeline outside film experience Oculus: an eye into St Paul’s from Thursday 11thAugust until late 2011. 

Michael Murphy will also be awarded one of an exclusive edition of 25 glass vases specially made by the Venice-based firm of Salviati to celebrate the 300thanniversary of St Paul’s. Michael’s winning image will also appear on the front cover of the next edition of Dome, the magazine issued to cathedral supporters and friends.


Winning Images

Michael Murphy 'St Paul's - World Aids Day' (Overall Winner)
"St Paul's Cathedral has long been one of my favourite buildings in London, and after reading their announcement about lighting the dome red to raise awareness for World AIDS Day I knew I didn't want to miss the opportunity to shoot this iconic building in a unique way. I spent a couple of hours shooting the cathedral from various locations and perspectives on this cold night at the start of December but it was this, my final shot of the night, that I was happiest with. I had packed up my camera gear at the south end of the Millennium Bridge and was simply walking past this spot on my way back home. The snow had just started to fall, the coldness crept in and the streets were deserted. The movement of snow in the strong solitary beam of light is what most caught my eye, and so I just had to unpack my equipment and set up for one last shot."

Adrian Sturgess 'Follow the Lights'
"I had gone up to St Paul’s to take some night time, long exposure photos with the Christmas tree in front of the dome, however, I was getting too much 'flare' from the surrounding street lights in the frame (as I had left my lens hood at home), so I moved location and decided to set up my camera on a tripod to take some long exposure photos with light trails of passing cars going in front of the cathedral. I saw an approaching bus and fired the shutter just as it passed in front of me and pulled into a bus stop, resulting in this image”

Bob Fancy 'South Bank View of St Paul's'

I noticed that the Bourgeois Spider Sculpture made an interesting frame for the dome of the cathedral and it struck me that the two people underneath the sculpture were looking at the cathedral as if it had captivated them as much as the strikingly modern work of art”

Dean Austin 'Mirrormirroronthewall'
"I’m thrilled that my photo has been chosen as one of the winning images. I was inspired to take the picture because it showed a different perspective of this magnificent building.”

Gerry Molumby 'St Paul's in the 'wren' from Tate Modern'

"I was inspired to take this picture after reading about the competition in the paper. It is an understatement that this beautiful building is one of London’s most iconic landmarks. On the day I visited it was a rainy day in London town, so the umbrellas were out and their various colours compensated for the lack of brighter sunshine.”

Kurt Roberts 'St Paul's Moon Eclipse'
"I always carry my camera with me and on this particular day I noticed that the moon was full. I waited until the moon was behind the cross on the dome as I thought it would be a far cry from the normal St Pauls photos. I have taken many photos of Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece and it is my favourite building in the world!”

Laura Fitzpatrick 'Inside a Modern Cross'

"I was inspired to take this picture because I liked how the old and new structures entwined together to make a really interesting new image of St Paul's.”

Leigh Wood 'St Paul's pigeon'
"I aimed to present St. Paul's as an integral part of the living, breathing London landscape. The pigeons flying on the South Bank gave me the idea to capture them in flight. I think the end result - a rather cloudy, dreary day, a pigeon and St. Paul's cathedral, creates a uniquely London image."

Michael Murphy 'Sunny St Paul's'

Paul Evans 'St Paul's at Night'
"I really enjoy visiting London and always have my camera with me. On this particular occasion I was inspired by an article I’d read on the use of tripods and long exposures. I've always loved St Paul’s so I thought it would make a great subject, especially from the Millennium Bridge which is such a fantastic approach to this great building.”