1935 - George V, Silver

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1935 - George V, Silver

For Georges V’s Silver Jubilee celebrations in May 1935, there was a busy programme of events, commencing with a service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s on 6 May. 

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3. 1935 - George V, Silver
4. 1977 - Elizabeth II, Silver
5. 2002 - Elizabeth II, Golden
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The day was declared a public holiday and parties were held across London in the glorious sunshine, as well as up and down the country with fêtes, pageants and sports events. Later that day the King and Royal Family appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to floods of cheers from the crowd below. Due to popular demand, the King even waved from the same balcony for a few consecutive days later in the week.

George V continued to mark the Jubilee throughout May by taking carriage rides through London as well as one through north London for Queen Mary’s birthday, on which they were accompanied by their two granddaughters: Margaret and the future Queen Elizabeth.

During the celebrations the King received an extensive number of telegrams from across the globe with good wishes, both from heads of state and ordinary people. The public’s reaction to George V’s appearances over the celebratory period only confirmed the popularity of a Jubilee celebration as well as the esteem in which the King was held.