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St Paul's Cathedral Trust in America

The St Paul’s Cathedral Trust in America is a US-based public charity that funds vital education for the St Paul’s Choristers and works to conserve one of Britain's finest cathedrals.

St Paul's has had a long relationship with the American people, formed largely after the Second World War, a conflict in which thousands of Americans based within the UK were to give their lives.

The most visible striking reminder of this sacrifice and subsequent friendship can be found beyond the High Altar at the very east end of the Cathedral, in the American Memorial Chapel - a space rebuilt after being destroyed in the Blitz and dedicated in its entirety to the American dead of WWII.

The American Memorial Chapel, containing at its heart, the Roll of Honour with the names of the 28,000 American servicemen who died while serving on British soil during WWII, was completed and opened in 1958.

During the Chapel’s construction, the St Paul’s Choristers performed a series of 41 concerts across the US to commemorate the opening of the Chapel and express their gratitude for the Americans who aided Britain during the war.

Now, on the Chapel’s 60th anniversary, the Choristers are returning to the US to honour those who fell fighting for freedom and for peace, and to renew the bond that exists between the US and the UK.

Our choristers now need your support to improve their lives in a transformational school building project. Join us in making this experience available to future generations by visiting

60th Anniversary Commemoration Committee

The Hon George P Shultz
Honorary Co-Chair
The Hon James A Baker, III
Honorary Co-Chair
The Very Rev Dr David Ison
Dean of St Paul's
Susan Eisenhower
The Eisenhower Institute
The Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Soames
Member of Parliament
The Hon Matthew Barzun
Former US Ambassador
Mary Nell Browning
Palo Duro Consulting
Tom Long
Bridger Growth Partners
The Hon Robert H Tuttle
Former US Ambassador
Andre Villeneuve
ICE Benchmark Admin.
Glenn A Youngkin
The Carlyle Group
Suzanne S Youngkin
Phos Foundation


SPCTA Board of Directors

Nicholas C Walsh
William R Miller, CBE
Chairman Emeritus
Michael Mueller, Esq
Debra Dragone, CPA
The Hon George P Shultz
Advisory Board Chairman
David R Frediani

Richard S Berzine
John C Harvey
Andrew Edwards Ernest Hoover