Royal Jubilees

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8:00am Morning Prayer
8:30am Doors open for sightseeing
8:30am Eucharist
12:30pm Eucharist
4:00pm Last entry for sightseeing
5:00pm Choral Evensong
5:30pm Cathedral closes

Royal Jubilees

It was in the fourteenth century that Jubilees were initially celebrated within the Catholic Church. In the Christian context, Jubilees are particular years in which forgiveness of sins is focused upon. Royal Jubilees on the other hand are more joyous occasions, which celebrate and mark major periods in a monarch's reign.

1. Jubilee Home
2. 1897 - Victoria, Diamond
3. 1935 - George V, Silver
4. 1977 - Elizabeth II, Silver
5. 2002 - Elizabeth II, Golden
6. 2012 - Elizabeth II, Diamond

The first Diamond Jubilee, for Queen Victoria, took place over a century ago and celebrations were held over three days in June 1897.

Queen Victoria bypassed what would have been her Silver Jubilee in 1862 having retreated from public view after the untimely death of Prince Albert the year before. However, a quarter of a century later in 1887, she celebrated her Golden Jubilee, and a decade after, marked her Diamond Jubilee. Victoria became the first British Monarch to reign for sixty years, surpassing King George III’s previous record of 59 years.

Since Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, we have celebrated Kind George V’s Silver Jubilee in 1935 and our current Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver (1977), Golden (2002) and Diamond (2012) Jubilees. Queen Elizabeth is now both the oldest and longest-serving ever Monarch.

Here, we give you a brief look back at past Jubilees and St Paul's association with them.