Reformation 500

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Reformation 500

Events, services and music, September - November 2017

Some events not only leave their mark on history, but change the world.

The Reformation of the Church 500 years ago was one such event - triggered when Martin Luther, so legend has it, nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg. The epoch-making transformations his theses brought about had an impact throughout every continent.

Today, half a millennium later, we can observe the Reformation's long-term global impact.

The anniversary year of 2017 has seen the staging of several prestigious events at St Paul's dedicated to this influence, an influence that can still be felt today.

One event remains - a St Paul's Institute evening looking at Max Weber's Protestant Work Ethic and how this relates to the future of work.

Most events are completely free (there is only a charge for the late openings) and as with everything we do at St Paul's you are all welcome, regardless of who you are or what you do or don't believe.

Monday 20 November 6.30 - 8pm
St Paul's Institute: The Protestant Work Ethic and the future of work  |  
Speakers to be announced
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St Paul's Reformation history

Reformation 500 events

Saturday 30 September  
Finding its place in a reformed church:
St Paul's and London's 'Long Reformation'  |  Dr Mary Morrissey
Sunday 1 October  
Martin Luther: Catholic Dissident  |  Peter Stanford
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Every Sunday in October    
The Reformation in Five Evensongs
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Thursday 12 and
Saturday 28 October
Reformation Lates  |  
Special evening openings, with drawing and photography encouraged
Tuesday 24 October    
Souls at Stake: Tyndale, the Bible and the 21st Century  |  
Melvyn Bragg and Jane Williams