Cartoons and models for the mosaics

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Cartoons and models for the mosaics

All mosaics in St Paul’s Cathedral were created following designs that were approved by the Dean and Chapter. It is known that the cartoons for the dome spandrels were installed in the space to test their effect and allow discussion. William Blake Richmond’s cartoons were considered works of art in their own right, and exhibited on several occasions. Based on smaller sketches, the Richmond cartoons were prepared by the artist and his assistants and also tested in the Cathedral space. Once approved “the design was then transferred in pieces of suitable sizes to tracing paper, and handed to the artificers for execution on the cement. The artificers pierced the pattern through the lines with a bradawl on a space of cement affixed to the brickwork of such a size as not to dry up and become hard before the day’s work was finished.” (Sinclair 1913, p. 8)

Only a small number of these cartoons is still known, around 20 cartoons (incl. cartoons for unexecuted schemes) are part of the Cathedral Collection.

William Blake Richmond's cartoons for mosaics

Adam and Eve: 821 The Annunciation: 831 The Crucifixion on the Tree of Life: 838
Christ with Sheaves of Wheat: 822 Hope: 832 Orpheus and his Lyre: 839
The Good Shepherd: 823 Justice: 833 The Risen Christ in Glory: 840
Eve Amongst the Beasts: 825 Truth: 834 The Risen Christ in Glory: 841
Adam Naming the Beasts: 828 Charity: 835 Recording Angel: 5502
Peacock Frieze: 829 Chastity: 836  
Two Lionesses: 830 David: 837  


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