Why do we charge?

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8:00am Holy Communion
10:15am Choral Mattins
11:30am Sung Eucharist
3:15pm Choral Evensong
4:45pm Sunday Organ Recital - Jillian Gardner
6:00pm Eucharist

Why do we charge?

In 2017 we welcomed almost 1.6 million people to St Paul’s – 780,000 joined us in worship at no charge, or for concerts and events; and another 820,000 paid as sightseers.

At St Paul’s we receive very little government funding, which consists of grants for some projects, and as such, are fully responsible for raising all the income needed to operate.

We are both an active working church with four services each and every day (five on a Sunday) and an extremely popular visitor destination for people from all round the world.

With a busy staff to support a full schedule of services, concerts, recitals, debates and other events, and responsibility to maintain and enhance one of the world’s most iconic buildings, asking sightseers to pay for entry is a vital part of our annual income. Without this we would not be able to staff the building and galleries and be open for people to visit as they do. We offer discounts for online, family and group tickets, and most tickets include a free guided tour and multimedia guides, access to the Galleries, Crypt, and any art installations or special exhibitions. Tickets can be upgraded to annual passes at no extra cost for UK tax payers by Gift Aiding the ticket, and the same benefit is available to non UK tax payers too. 

However, we never have and never will charge for worship. All our services are free and we welcome all people. There is also a chapel set aside for private prayer and contemplation throughout every day.