Alternative Advent

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Alternative Advent

New poetry for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

Towards the end of last year St Paul’s Cathedral undertook an unusual project. We worked with six emerging London-based young poets and one digital artist, all from different faith backgrounds, and no faith, on a project called Alternative Advent.  Their brief was to try to forget all the trimmings and trappings of what Christmas has become and to work solely from the Biblical text, to respond imaginatively and retell the Christmas story, starting with the annunciation and ending with the flight to Egypt.

Just as the followers of an ancient religious sect, the magi, brought insight and truth to the Biblical narrative, and therefore our understanding of the incarnation and its implications, so too do these poetic gifts, give us a fresh perspective on our most beloved of stories.

This year we have created some short Advent reflections using the poems as the catalyst. We encourage you to spend time listening, and then perhaps reading the poem and the corresponding Biblical text, asking God to speak to you afresh as you encounter Advent in a different way.


The First Sunday in Advent - 2 December The Second Sunday in Advent - 9 December
by Antosh Wojcik
featuring the drawings of Stephanie K Kane

The Visitation
by Ankita Saxena

The Third Sunday in Advent - 16 December The Fourth Sunday in Advent - 23 December
to Bethlehem the town of David
by Jeremiah Brown

Unmuted Word
by Sarah Lasoye
featuring the drawings of Stephanie K Kane

The First Sunday of Christmas - 30 December Epiphany - 6 January

Wings and Tings
by Kareem Parkins Brown

The Places Mothers call Home
by Tice Cin
featuring the drawings of Stephanie K Kane