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8:00am Eucharist
8:30am Doors open for sightseeing
8:30am Morning Prayer
12:30pm Eucharist
4:00pm Last entry for sightseeing
5:00pm Evening Prayer


St Paul's celebrates a said Eucharist every day of the week. It is a chance for the congregation to share in the bread and wine of Communion.

Monday - Saturday 8 - 8.30am 
Monday - Saturday 12.30 - 1.15pm
Sunday 6 - 6.45pm

The Eucharist is celebrated in the Cathedral with great solemnity. The action of the ministers reflects the history of how the Eucharist has been celebrated over many centuries. It is an opportunity to deepen our communion with God and with one another.

The weekday morning Eucharist is held in one of the Cathedral's side chapels. A spoken service, usually led by the Canon in Residence, it lasts roughly 30 minutes and is popular with City workers on their way into their offices.

The weekday lunchtime Eucharist is a spoken service, usually led by a visiting priest and is held underneath the dome, while the Cathedral is open to sightseeing visitors. Many of these visitors stop to take part but many others just look on from outside the service area. 

The Sunday evening Eucharist is also a said service held underneath the dome and is popular with tourists as well as St Paul's regular congregation.

All are very welcome to attend.