Cathedral Videos

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8:00am Morning Prayer
8:30am Doors open for sightseeing
8:30am Eucharist
12:30pm Eucharist
4:00pm Last entry for sightseeing
5:00pm Solemn Vespers sung by the Choir of Westminster Cathedral for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
5:30pm Cathedral closes

Cathedral Videos

The Wind, the Fountain and the Fire: Psalms and the Christian Imagination - Mark Barrett OSB (2020)

Mark Barrett OSB opens the Psalms as a gateway to scriptural prayer and offers us a path through the five weeks of Lent.  Recorded at St Paul's Cathedral on 1 March 2020.

Saying Yes to Life - Ruth Valerio (2020)

Ruth Valerio challenges us as individuals and as the church to focus on how we can deal with the major environmental issues of our planet, from climate change, to biodiversity loss, to the plastic problem, and how we can make a difference and be a voice for change. Recorded at St Paul's Cathedral on Sunday 2 February 2020.

Angels - Peter Stanford (2019)

Peter Stanford explores the historical, cultural and theological significance of angels. Recorded at St Paul's Cathedral on 1 December 2019.

God With Us: Seeing the Christmas Stories with Fresh Eyes

Renowned New Testament scholar, Dr Paula Gooder, unravels some of what the well-loved and familiar Christmas stories really tell us about Jesus' birth and why God chose this ludicrously risky way to redeem the world. Recorded at St Paul's Cathedral on 27 November 2019.

The Sacramental Sea: A Spiritual Voyage - Edmund Newell (2019)

Edmund Newell explores the sea in Christian history, theology and spirituality, moving from the Bible to the present day, via, among others, St Augustine, Christopher Columbus, William Shakespeare and John Donne, the scientists of the Enlightenment and the great hymn-writers of the 19th century. Recorded at St Paul's Cathedral on Sunday 3 November 2019.

We Need To Talk About Race: Black Experience in White Majority Churches (2019)

Ben Lindsay, Guvna B, Rosemarie Mallet and Chine McDonald discuss the joys and sorrows, the grace and pain of their individual and collective experience as Black Christians in white-majority churches, and explore how we can respond to each other as people of faith to build inclusive church communities. Recorded at St Paul's Cathedral on 29 October 2019.

We commend to you Phoebe: St Paul, Women and the Church - Paula Gooder (2019)

Paula Gooder discusses why and how she wrote her book about Phoebe's journey to Rome to deliver St Paul's letter to the Romans and her encounter with the early church there. In doing so she offers new insights into how we might engage afresh with Paul’s theology and attitude to women in the church. Recorded at St Paul's Cathedral on Sunday 6 October 2019.

Where Love Is The Way: The Jesus Movement Today - Michael Curry (2019)

Michael Curry explores how the Jesus Movement has the power to turn the world upside down, Jesus calls us to strive for a world where no child suffers, no one goes to bed hungry, no one is abandoned and alone. A world where love is the way when we take the Jesus Movement seriously.  Recorded at St Paul's Cathedral on 3 October 2019.