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7:30am Morning Prayer
8:00am Eucharist
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12:30pm Eucharist
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5:00pm Choral Evensong

Cathedral Videos

Christmas Message from the Dean of St Paul's

The Very Revd Dr David Ison, Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, gives us a message on Christmas Eve on how to keep in touch with the birth of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago.

The Third Sunday of Advent 2015 - A Christmas Journey

Donna McDowell, Head of Schools & Families, introduces us to the work of the Schools & Families Department at St Paul's Cathedral, London.  With bonus footage of some of the joyful Christmas Journey tour.

A Good Christmas with Dr Rowan Williams

Dr Rowan Williams, previous Archbishop of Canterbury, explores the meaning of Christmas, the darkness and strangeness of the story at the beginning of our faith as well as its message of eternal joy and hope. He also offers suggestions about how we might reclaim Christmas for our spiritual lives.

Sunday Forum: Waiting on the Word with the Revd Dr Malcolm Guite

Advent is the season when we prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ at Christmas – a season for slowing down and reflecting on the great spiritual themes of light and dark, life and death. Malcolm Guite suggests one way is to read a poem each day and offers a seasonal reflection on this.

The Second Sunday of Advent 2015 - Capital Mass

Andy Burns, Executive Director of Capital Mass, explains the new initiative from the Church Urban Fund and the Diocese of London and how it is responding to the refugee crisis.

The First Sunday of Advent 2015 - Canon Tricia Hillas on the Refugee Crisis

For the first Sunday of Advent 2015, the Revd Canon Tricia Hillas (Pastor of St Paul's Cathedral) speaks on the refugee crisis seen through the view of the Christ who Comes.

PostCapitalism: Envisaging a Shared Future - Paul Mason, Ann Pettifor, Phillip Blond

Paul Mason, Channel 4 News, presents the thesis from his latest book 'PostCapitalism: A Guide to our Future' at St Paul's Cathedral for an event organised by St Paul's Institute and Penguin UK. Responses from Ann Pettifor (PRIME) and Phillip Blond (ResPublica), Chaired by Elizabeth Oldfield (Theos)

Sunday Forum: The Theology of Desire with the Revd Dr Sarah Coakley

Drawing deeply on the Bible, the early Church Fathers and the writings of Freud and Jung, Sarah Coakley argues that desire can be freed from associations of promiscuity and disorder, and we can forge a new positive, ascetical vision, founded in the disciplines of prayer and attention.