Alfred Henry WESTLEY

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Alfred Henry WESTLEY

Lance Corporal Alfred Henry Westley
23rd Battalion, The Australian Imperial Force 

Lance Corporal Westley (Reg No: 2944) was treated at the 2nd Australian Auxiliary Hospital at Southall in Middlesex.

Born in Fern Tree Gully, Victoria, Alfred was working as a carpenter when he enlisted in August 1916. His Battalion set off from Melbourne that October and he arrived in the UK in January 1917. After 6 months’ training on Salisbury Plain, he was deployed to France. He was promoted to Lance Corporal the following August. Alfred suffered serious gunshot wounds to his leg in September 1918 and had to be evacuated to Beaufort Military Hospital in Bristol, where his injuries necessitated the amputation of his right foot. He was admitted to the 2nd Australian Auxiliary Hospital, Southall, in October 1918 and this is when he will have contributed to the embroidery of the St Paul’s altar frontal. Alfred was well enough to return to Australia by troopship in May 1919.

He married Ivy in 1922 and the couple spent many happy years together with their daughters, Dorothy and Marjorie. Dorothy is now living in a residential home; Marjorie died in 2006. Alfred himself died in 1979.

Alfred was awarded the Imperial Service Medal in 1959 for his work as the Assistant Manager of the Repatriation Artificial Limb Factory in Victoria.

Westley, Lance Corporal Alfred Henry 1
Westley, Lance Corporal Alfred Henry 2