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Rifleman Walter Conway
10th Battalion, The Royal Irish Rifles

Rifleman Conway (Reg No: 44630) was treated at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London.

Arthur Winnington Ingram, Bishop of London, was formerly Bishop of Stepney and, while serving in Stepney, lived near Walter Conway’s family in the East End. He was also Chaplain to the Rifles and may have visited Rifleman Conway during his convalescence.

We know, from an article in The Times on Saturday 5 July 1919 about the St Paul’s altar frontal that a 19-year-old rifleman suggested the holy grail or chalice as the centre piece of the frontal. According to his service record, Walter Conway is the only 19-year old rifleman on the list of men who contributed to the frontal and one likes to think that it was Walter who made the suggestion and, if Bishop Winnington Ingram did indeed visit the young man, that he might have made the suggestion directly to the Bishop himself.

Conway, Rifleman Walter - papers 1
Conway, Rifleman Walter - papers 4

Documents courtesy of The Western Front Association and Roberta and Ian Bennett – Roberta is the granddaughter of Walter Conway.