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2015 Films

    A Good Christmas - Rowan Williams 
8 December 2015

Rowan Williams will explore the meanings of Christmas, the darkness and strangeness of the story at the beginning of our faith as well as its message of eternal joy and hope. He will also offer suggestions about how we might reclaim Christmas for our spiritual lives. Rowan Williams is the Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and was formerly both Archbishop of Canterbury and Professor of Theology at Oxford University.


    The Kingdom of God - Tom Wright
20 October 2015

Drawing together the themes of the kingdom and the cross, the resurrection and ascension, Tom Wright presents a radical rereading of the gospels with radical implications for our lives – spiritually, politically and for the church as a whole. Tom Wright is Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews, and was until recently the Bishop of Durham.


    Being Human - Steve Chalke
29 September 2015

What kind of person do you want to be? It’s easy to go through life without ever really considering what we’re here for and who we want to be. How can we think not just about what we do with our lives, but who we’re becoming while living them?
Steve Chalke, minister of Oasis Church Waterloo and the Founder of Oasis Trust, says that God calls each one of us to play our part in his plan for a just and loving world, and it’s finding our place in that story that will shape us and our lives into everything we were meant to be. 

    Learning to Walk in the Dark
Barbara Brown Taylor
9 July 2015

Barbara Brown Taylor says that in dark places and times it can be possible to begin to see the world and sense God’s presence around us in new ways - guiding us through things seen and unseen, teaching us to find our footing in times of uncertainty and doubt, and giving us strength and hope to face life’s challenges. American Episcopal priest, professor, author and theologian, Barbara Brown Taylor speaks about her new book 'Learning to Walk in the Dark'
    The Music of Faith
Timothy Radcliffe and Andrew Carwood
16 June 2015

Music parallels and illuminates the experience of God in its changeability and fleetingness, and is one of the best ways we have to find the stillness in which a experience the sense of God’s presence. It can also provide a narrative for the cycle of life which allows our inexpressible feelings to be given voice at times of both sorrow and rejoicing. In reflection and conversation, renowned theologian Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP and award winning musician Andrew Carwood explore together what music can teach us about faith beyond words.


2015 Series: Passion and Resurrection - A Good Lent, A Good Easter

"Because he is God, and also Friend, we are touched at the depth of our beings as we live with him through every event of his trial, death and resurrection." Justin Welby

Lent and Easter are the heart of the Christian year. The revolutionary events of Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection are the foundation stones of Christianity, and the seasons when we explore their mysteries are at the heart of our faith. But how can we experience these seasons so that these extraordinary stories reach our hearts and change our lives?

Three of the church’s most senior pastors and teachers explored the meanings of Lent, Holy Week and Easter, and the impact they can have on how we live, believe and behave. They also reflected on their own experiences of the seasons, and offered recommendations for how we can keep them most fruitfully.

    Reflection: A Good Lent
Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury
19 February 2015

Lent is the slow season of reflection, repentance, inwardness and change, founded in Jesus’ forty days of fasting and temptation in the wilderness. It survives in popular culture as a time to ‘give something up’, but what is the deeper path of taking time to make this inward journey, readying ourselves to live through Jesus’ betrayal, trial and death, and encounter the transforming mystery of the Resurrection? 


    Passion: A Good Holy Week
Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford
19 March  2015

Jesus enters into Jerusalem in triumph, and a week later he is dead. Holy Week is the great crisis of Christianity, which moves at terrifying speed from the crowds hailing him, to the Last Supper where he foretells his death, his anguished prayer in Gethsemane, and the shocking events of his betrayal, trial and execution. But it’s also true that these stories can become so familiar that we lose our sense of their revolutionary message about the nature of God. How can we make the great pilgrimage of Holy Week, following Jesus to the cross and the echoing silence of the tomb, in such a way as to experience these events afresh? 


    Resurrection: A Good Easter
Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely
21 April 2015

Too often we think of Easter as just one day, but in reality it’s the fifty day season during which we explore the disciples’ experiences of the risen Christ and the meaning of the Resurrection. From Mary Magdalene meeting Christ at the tomb on Easter Sunday to his great commission to the apostles to make disciples of all nations, they meet, eat with, touch and talk with Christ, seeing his wounds and hearing his voice. Lent and Holy Week are seasons when we remember the past, but the time we live in now is the time of the Resurrection. How can we enter into this supremely mysterious story?