2021 Films

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8:00am Morning Prayer
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8:30am Eucharist
12:30pm Eucharist
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5:00pm Solemn Vespers sung by the Choir of Westminster Cathedral for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
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2021 Films

    Love is Born: Exploring Advent and Christmas - Stephen Cottrell | 8 December 2021

Christmas is one of the defining points of the year, for believers and non-believers alike. Archbishop Stephen Cottrell and Biblical scholar Dr Paula Gooder explore the Advent themes that turn our thoughts to eternity and the real meaning of our lives, and the Christmas stories themselves: what Jesus’ birth means, how the world changes because of it, why Christmas is much more hopeful but also darker than we may think, and why it’s all about love.

    A Famine of Grace - Jarel Robinson-Brown | 16 November 2021

Jarel Robinson-Brown says there is a famine of grace in the church. Here he and Paula Gooder are in conversation about what grace is, the deadliness of bad theology, narratives of inclusion and exclusion in the church and in the Bible, and where wisdom and justice can be found.

    Jesus the Storyteller: the parables then and now - Paula Gooder and Richard Coles | 19 October 2021

Paula Gooder is in conversation with Richard Coles about the parables and their enduring power to shock and surprise, and how they challenge us to live our faith in the 21st century.

    Blessed are the Peace-Makers: Reconciliation in a post-pandemic world - Justin Welby | 21 September 2021

Justin Welby in conversation with Paula Gooder about how real reconciliation can be achieved whether between nations, in our personal relationships or within ourselves, as well as what difference the pandemic has made, whether religion is a part of the solution or the problem, and where he finds hope.

    Power and Prophecy: Black and White Women in the Church - Rosemarie Mallett, Chine McDonald and Lucy Winkett | 15 June 2021

Rosemarie Mallett, Chine McDonald and Lucy Winkett in conversation with Paula Gooder about race and gender, power and naming injustice, and where hope can be found in the Church today.

    Resurrection - Rowan Williams | 13 April 2021

Rowan Williams and Paula Gooder in conversation about the meaning of the story at the centre of our faith: what Jesus' resurrection means to how we live, how we pray, how we change the world, and how we die.

    Rooted in Love - Sarah Mullally | 9 February 2021

At the beginning of Lent after an unprecedented year of change and uncertainty, Sarah Mullally and Paula Gooder discuss the love of Christ, what it means to be part of the body of Christ, and how we can draw closer to Christ through Lent.

    Finding Jesus in the Storm - John Swinton | 12 January 2021

John Swinton and Paula Gooder in their profound and wide-ranging conversation reflecting on his latest book 'Finding Jesus in the Storm', drawing on many years of experience of working with people with mental health challenges.