Does the suffering caused by this pandemic shake your faith in God?

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Does the suffering caused by this pandemic shake your faith in God?

This is a time which raises hard questions – about how we live, about our values, about God. We asked people what was most on their minds, and then we asked a wide range of writers, thinkers and theologians to reflect on these ‘hard questions’.

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Human beings have come through awful things. I come from a people who have been captured, enslaved, tortured and come out the other side with hope, strength and courage. God is alongside people, and I have such an awareness of a God who is present in this.

The Revd Jarel Robinson-Brown, Chaplain, King’s College London   

The pandemic has brought home to me very sharply my – and the whole of creation’s – complete dependence on God.  And it has shown how vitally important human solidarity is. It’s not an optional extra: we cannot live without one another. 

Dr Gemma Simmonds CJ

The object of our faith has inhabited suffering as in insider. In this time of great suffering, we can boldly approach the Throne of Grace and find help in need, from a God who gets us, and gets it.

The Revd Dr Samuel T Calvin, Methodist Minister          

Julian of Norwich, the medieval mystic, writes that she never met a person who had not experienced hard times. She says that God never promised us an easy life, but that the promise of God is rather to sustain us with his presence through those hard times.

The Revd Prof Maggi Dawn, Professor of Theology, Durham University 

If anything this time has deepened my faith in God, that he is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. What I hold onto is that God holds the future and I know that he will be there whatever happens. 

Dr Ruth Valerio

When Jesus encounters evil and sickness, be doesn’t explain it away or say it’s one of those things, he fights it. What we find in Christian faith is hope, there is a God who stands with us in our suffering.  

The Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin

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