Cathedral Videos

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7:30am Morning Prayer
8:00am Eucharist
11:00am Festival of St Cecilia
1:00pm Doors open for sightseeing
4:00pm Last entry for sightseeing
5:00pm Choral Evensong

Cathedral Videos

Meditative Sermon: Sarah and Hagar

The Revd Sarah Eynstone, Chaplain of St Paul's, examines the story of Sarah's long barrenness and use of her maid Hagar to get a son for her husband. A story of dark acts, jealousy and persecution, and yet she becomes the mother of God's chosen people. How can this story speak to us of God's love?

Eve: temptress, feminist, exile - St Paul's Forum

The first debate in The People's Bible series from St Paul's Forum. Exploring Genesis and the figure of Eve. What is this story really about, and what does it tell us about God and humanity?

Meditative Sermon: Cain and Abel

Revd Dr Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral, discusses the nature of violence, Christian forgiveness and the ideas of Rene Girard.

St Paul's Forum: Simon Barrington-Ward

Rt Revd Simon Barrington-Ward discusses The Jesus Prayer and explores its use as a transformative devotional practice.

9/11 Commemorative Sermon by Revd Canon Mark Oakley

Sermon by Revd Canon Mark Oakley at the 'Remembering with Hope' commerative service on 11th September.

St Paul's Forum: Re-Enchanting Christianity

Dave Tomlinson discusses his latest book Re-Enchanting Christianity with Canon Chancellor Giles Fraser.

Grand Organ of St Paul's Cathedral

Simon Johnson, Organist at St Paul's Cathedral, takes a behind the scenes tour of the Grand Organ of St Paul's. Showing us the many different pipes that make up the organ, and describing some of the different tones it is capable of producing.

Sermon by the Dean of Salisbury at the Consecration of Bishops

Sermon given by the Very Revd June Osborne, Dean of Salisbury, at the ordination and consecration of the Bishops of Salisbury and Stepney.