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7:30am Morning Prayer
8:00am Eucharist
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12:30pm Eucharist
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Cathedral Videos

St Paul's Alternative Advent - #1 - Doorway, by Antosh Wojcik

The first in a series of new poetry for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. For each Sunday from Advent 2017 to Epiphany 2018, six exciting young poetic voices and one emerging digital artist reimagine the story of Christmas. Taking the Biblical text as a starting point, they each retell a story that is both personal and universal, layering it with meaning and peppering it with insight. They bring to life the humans behind a familiar narrative, and enable us to see them, and hopefully ourselves, in a new way.

The Grace of Waiting: Margaret Whipp

Advent is the season of waiting and contemplation, when we prepare for the joyful coming of Christ at Christmas. But waiting is not always chosen or joyful, and can bring times of great spiritual testing – through illness, old age, or the struggles and frustrations of everyday life. Margaret Whipp will explore the challenges of life’s waiting times and the skills they demand, drawing on vivid metaphors of wine-making, wilderness, winter and the womb, and how the paradoxical grace of patience can point to the kindness of the God who wait for us. 

Forgiveness: A Journey to Freedom?

Forgiveness is news. When someone forgives terrible harm done to them, from the victims of terrorism to the violently bereaved, the story is always news and often the person is treated as a moral hero. But does it take a special person to forgive and forget, or can we all learn to do it? And why is forgiveness central to Jesus’ teaching? Lucy Winkett, priest and theologian, and Marian Partington, whose sister was killed by Fred and Rose West, will explore the reality of the darkness in others and ourselves, and the radical path of forgiveness.  

Black Sheep and Prodigals - Dave Tomlinson

Do you feel more at home on the edges of faith than at the centre? Christian life has often been associated with conformity and a culture where people don’t feel able to ask questions. But Dave Tomlinson thinks our spiritual communities can be ‘laboratories of the Spirit’ where we explore issues of faith and spirit with openness, imagination and creativity. Can they be places where doubts and questions are an essential part of faith, and divine revelation can be found in art, science and the natural world as well as religious tradition? 

Souls at Stake: Tyndale, the Bible and the 21st Century

William Tyndale gave us the Bible in English, and died for it. His passion was to put the Bible into the hands of everyone so that we could read it for ourselves. Executed as a heretic in 1536 for translating the Bible, within a few years his translation was in every church in England. Melvyn Bragg, broadcaster, novelist, and biographer of Tyndale, and Jane Williams, theologian, explore what difference he made to our lives. Chaired by Canon Mark Oakley.

Martin Luther: Catholic Dissident - Peter Stanford

Martin Luther is undeniably one of the people who made the modern world. He risked his life to challenge the corruption and complacency of the late medieval church, and in doing so both changed the political face of Europe and liberated believers to pursue their faith based on scripture and conscience. On the 500th anniversary of Luther nailing his 95 theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Peter Stanford examines this complex, often charismatic man of God, his legacy, and the myths that have grown up around him. 

Love is His Meaning - Keith Ward

Jesus’ teaching changed the world, yet his sayings can often seem cryptic and hard to understand. Keith Ward, one of the most distinguished theologians at work today, has spent a lifetime studying the Gospels. He finds the figures of speech and images that Jesus used are all ways of expressing and evoking the self-giving love of God, supremely manifested in Jesus’ own life. 

Divine Sparks - Donna Lazenby

Many of our everyday encounters in the world are touched by the divine, if only we were aware of it. Donna Lazenby says that we may find it easier to experience God in the great moments of our lives, but God often finds a humbler dwelling-place.  Can we learn to be alert to the presence of God in small moments of unexpected joy and human encounter, and also to hear God’s voice in the world’s cries of protest against alienation and injustice?