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8:00am Morning Prayer
8:30am Eucharist
10:00am Doors open for sightseeing
12:30pm Eucharist
4:00pm Last entry for sightseeing
5:00pm Choral Evensong
5:30pm Cathedral closes

Cathedral Videos

Inventing the Universe- Alister McGrath

We’re often told that faith and science are at war with one another, and we have to choose one or the other. Alister McGrath says it’s time to consider another way looking at these two great cultural forces: what if science and faith might actually enrich each other? What if, together, they give us a deeper and more satisfying understanding of life? Alister McGrath is one of the world’s leading authorities on science and religion and in his new book Inventing the Universe: Why we can’t stop talking about science, faith and God (Hodder 2015), he engages with the biggest questions of all: the origins of the universe, the burden of proof, the meaning of life, the existence of God. Alister McGrath is Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University and the author of numerous academic and theological works including the best selling The Dawkins Delusion (SPCK 2007).

Construing the Cross - Frances Young

The Cross is at the very centre of our faith.  Frances Young has spent a lifetime exploring its meaning and the rich and varied ways it has been construed through the centuries. On Passion Sunday she introduces her profound and far-reaching thinking about the Cross.

God In Ordinary - JustWater Lent Sermon Series

The Right Reverend Nicholas Holtham, Bishop of Sailsbury, gives a sermon at the Sunday Evensong service at St Paul's Cathedral as part of the JustWater international programme

The Tree and the Water of Life - JustWater Lent Sermon Series

The Rt Revd James Jones KBE, former Bishop of Liverpool, gives a sermon at the Sunday Evensong service at St Paul's Cathedral as part of the JustWater international programme.  See for more information.

The Gospel According to Mark read by David Suchet

Just before Holy Week 2017 we had a unique opportunity to hear the Gospel of Mark in its entirety, read by one of the great actors of our times in St Paul’s Cathedral. 

Two Women, Two Wells - JustWater Lent Sermon Series

Barbara Ridpath, Director of St Paul's Institute, gives a sermon at the Sunday Evensong service on 26th March 2017 as part of the JustWater Lent Sermon Series run by St Paul's Cathedral, London.

Water of Life? Creation, Culture and the River Thames (JustWater)

On and around the UN's World Water Day, cathedrals and churches worldwide drew attention to our obligation to care for God's sustaining gift of water in all its forms with the international JustWater programme.

Smart Water for Business with BITC (Word Water Day 2017)

Katie Spooner, Head of Water for Business in the Community, talks through their Smart Water approach to help businesses understand how they can improve their water usage. Part of the JustWater international programme