Cathedral Videos

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7:30am Morning Prayer
8:00am Eucharist
8:30am Doors open for sightseeing
12:30pm Eucharist
4:00pm Last entry for sightseeing
5:00pm Choral Evensong

Cathedral Videos

Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love - Robert Fruehwirth

Robert Fruehwirth explores faith’s consolations and challenges, using the wisdom and insight of Julian’s Revelations of Divine Love as a guide.

What is Meaningful Work? (Richard Sennett, Ruth Kosmin, Tim Frost) - St Paul's Institute

Organised by St Paul's Institute in partnership with the LSE Faith Centre, LSE Life and LSE Careers at the London School of Economics and Political Science. How can our values and/or beliefs best inform our work and make a positive difference in the world?

Liveable London: Wellbeing, Resilience & City Life

What makes London a resilient city that can so successfully stand the test of time? To what extent did London's very success influence the result of the recent EU referendum? What are the factors beyond economics that make a city great?

Accidental Saints: Finding God in all the Wrong People - Nadia Bolz-Weber and Richard Coles

Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber and the Revd Richard Coles speak about finding God in all the wrong people and places. 

Listening to Your Life, Finding Your Calling - Julia Mourant

Each of us has a vocation: a particular calling from God to contribute our gifts to the world and to each other. Julia Mourant says that when it comes to finding our own path in life, paying attention to how God speaks to us through our imaginations, hopes, dreams, doubts and desires is essential.

Etty Hillesum: A Life Transformed - Patrick Woodhouse

Etty Hillesum was a 27 year old Jewish student living under occupation in 1940s Amsterdam. Throughout that time she wrote a diary of her daily life recounting her spiritual transformation. Patrick Woodhouse explores her life, writing and profound reflections on the nature of evil.

Inequality and the Green Economy

Event organised in partnership between Tearfund and St Paul's Institute. What is a circular economy, and how does it relate to inequality? How will the transition to 'zero carbon' affect prosperity, growth and consumption?  

Resurrection: the Body and Christianity - Paula Gooder

What does Christianity have to do with bodies? There's a lingering sense that there's a huge gap between our inner and outer selves, and that the soul is spiritual and the body is not. Paula Gooder is one of the best-known Biblical scholars at work today, and the author of numerous bestselling books.