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Sunday Forum

A Sunday lunchtime series where some of the liveliest contemporary theologians and spiritual teachers speak about the challenges, contradictions and joys of being a Christian in the world today.

First Sunday in every month (except August) 1 - 2pm
Wren Suite, Cathedral crypt Free and unticketed
Seating is on a first come first served basis so please arrive early. Latecomers may not be able to be seated.
Disabled access is via the south churchyard entrance.  If for any reason the south churchyard entrance is closed a telephone number is displayed. 

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Was Jesus Political?  |  Selina Stone Sunday 1 July 2018

We live in extraordinary times. How can we think and act as Christians in response to the urgent, sometimes overwhelming politics that we experience every day? Where do politics, theology and faith meet? And how is it that different Christians can hold completely opposing views, all claiming the gospel as their inspiration?

One way to think afresh about this is to look at Jesus’ own actions and teaching, ask whether they were or were not political, and what we can draw from that for our own engagement in public and political life. Selina Stone will explore key aspects of Jesus’ life, teaching and parables, and ways we can bring our faith into action for the common good, whatever our circumstances.

Selina Stone is Tutor and Lecturer in Political Theology at St Mellitus College, London and previously worked at the Centre for Theology and Community, in Parliament and as a community organiser in Brixton. Her PhD is in the impact of Pentecostal theology and ministry on issues of social justice.

Buying God: Consumerism and Theology  |  Eve Poole Sunday 2 September 2018

Many people are deeply concerned about global capitalism and rampant consumerism, but many of us also lack the tools to be able to engage confidently in the debate about its future. Eve Poole is a theologian who has worked in the financial services industry, and argues that the Church has vital things to say about the economy, and a vital role to play in redeeming the marketplace both at home and abroad. She will offer new ways to think theologically about consumerism, and suggestions for how we might, as individuals and church communities, change the way we use money for good.

Dr Eve Poole is the Church Estates Commissioner, chairing the Pastoral, Bishoprics, and Cathedrals Committees. Previously she has taught leadership, emotional intelligence and ethics at Ashridge Business School and worked for Deloitte Consulting in the financial services industry. Her books include Capitalism’s Toxic Assumptions and Leadersmithing (both Bloomsbury) and Buying God: Church, Consumerism and Theology (SCM Press 2018).

Jesus and the Promise of Peace  |  Nadim Nassar Sunday 7 October 2018

After the Resurrection, Jesus says to the disciples Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. We tend to think of peace as the end or absence of war but Nadim Nassar says that Jesus is talking about something far more radical than that: a whole culture of peace. It is about how we bring up our children, how we flourish in our homes, workplaces and churches, and ultimately about a call to a self-giving culture of love in which we see the reflection of God’s image in the other.

Father Nadim Nassar, the Church of England’s only Syrian priest, was born and raised in a Christian family in Syria and studied in Beirut during the Lebanese civil war. He is now the Director of The Awareness Foundation, seeking to counter intolerance and mistrust and to build understanding between faiths. His first book, The Culture of God, is published this autumn by Hodder.

The Gate of Heaven: Meeting God at the Crossing Place  |  Tricia Hillas Sunday 4 November 2018

We all have crossing places in our lives - moments on which our life turns. A new baby, leaving home, a love lost, a new job or country, a medical diagnosis. These ‘liminal’ times – thresholds between one life and another – are often times of uncertainty, waiting and not knowing, but are also precious because they can open us up to a new closeness to God. Richard Rohr has called them ‘a unique spiritual place where human beings hate to be but where the Biblical God is always leading them’ and Tricia Hillas says that because crossing places are where we have to relinquish control, they can be places of profound liberation. In this talk she will explore the challenges, lessons and joys that can come from meeting God at the crossing place.

Canon Tricia Hillas is the Canon Pastor at St Paul’s Cathedral, overseeing pastoral care, outreach and interfaith relationships. Prior to ordination she was a social worker, specialising in working with people with HIV/Aids, and has recently completed an MSc in conflict resolution and mediation.

What is Prayer?  |  Stephen Cottrell Sunday 2 December 2018

Prayer is at the heart of the life of faith, and is at once the simplest and the most mysterious of tasks. Thomas Merton said ‘the secret of prayer is a hunger for God’ but for many people, profound questions remain about what prayer is and how to do it.

Is God really listening? Does praying for things affect what God does? Also, why is it that everyone (honest) struggles with prayer – shouldn’t it be easy? Stephen Cottrell will reflect on the nature and reality of prayer and how we might begin, begin again, or just pray more authentically.

The Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell is the Bishop of Chelmsford. He describes himself as ‘an experienced beginner’ at prayer and is the author of numerous books including How to Pray: Alone, with Others, at Any Time, in Any Place (Church House Publishing, 3rd edition 2010).