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Sunday Forum

A Sunday lunchtime series where some of the liveliest contemporary theologians and spiritual teachers speak about the challenges, contradictions and joys of being a Christian in the world today.

First Sunday in every month  |  1 - 2pm
Wren Suite, Cathedral crypt  |  Free and unticketed.
Seating is on a first come first served basis so please arrive early. Latecomers may not be able to be seated.
Disabled access is via the North Transcept Ramp.

Sunday 6 November 2016
Soulfulness: Deepening the Mindful Life  |  Brian Draper

Mindfulness is the practice of living intentionally in the present moment. It is said to be great for mental health, happiness and reducing anxiety, but can it offer us anything in our search for God?

The good news, Brian Draper says, is that we are called to live not just mindfully but soulfully: not merely to be less stressed but to flourish, dynamically, creatively and compassionately. The reality is that the profound benefits of mindfulness have much in common with the ancient treasures of contemplative Christian practice, and can lead to us to a renewed understanding of our faith and the ‘life more abundant’ that Christ calls us to.

Brian Draper is an experienced retreat leader and guide, a regular contributor to Radio 4’s Thought for the Day, and the author of many books including Soulfulness: Deepening the Mindful Life (Hodder 2016).


Sunday 4 December 2016
Advent: Light in the Darkness  |  Barbara Mosse

The church year begins with Advent, a season of watchful reflection as the nights draw in, full of the symbolism of dark and light. Although we tend to associate darkness with the absence of God, Advent is a season when we are called to contemplate the unseen workings of God in preparation for new life and new hope as we wait for the explosion of joy at the birth of Christ. Barbara Mosse will explore the many gifts of God that can be found during this season, and also the wisdom to be  found in the seasons of the church year as we begin them once again.

Barbara Mosse is a priest and freelance writer who has taught Christian Spirituality at Sarum College. Her books include The Treasures of Darkness (Canterbury Press 2011) and Encircling the Christian Year (BRF 2012).


There is no Sunday Forum in January


Sunday 5 February 2017
*Inventing the Universe  |  Alister McGrath has been moved to May, a new speaker will be announced for February very soon*



Sunday 5 March 2017
The Dark Side of the Soul  |  Stephen Cherry

Sin is out of fashion while fascination with our own inner workings is everywhere. But in his new book Stephen Cherry says that the concept of sin is an essential, and healthy, tool for self understanding.

At the beginning of Lent, he will introduce his contemporary re-imaginings of the traditional seven deadly sins as ‘hostile pleasures’; tangled in our souls, they have deep roots and produce the words and actions by which we harm ourselves, others, and our relationship with God. Their examination, far from burdening us with guilt, can help to set us free.

Stephen Cherry is the Dean of King’s College, Cambridge, and the author of many books including Healing Agony: Re imagining Forgiveness and The Dark Side of the Soul: An Insider’s Guide to the Web of Sin (Bloomsbury 2012 and 2016).



Sunday 2 April 2017
Construing the Cross  |  Frances Young

The Cross is at the very centre of our faith.  Frances Young, who has been called one our greatest living theologians, has spent a lifetime exploring its meaning and the rich and varied ways it has been construed through the centuries.  For the earliest Christians, Passover was essential to their understanding of the Passion, but  there are other biblical images which created imaginative traditions: sacrifice and scapegoat, the Tree of Life and other surprising links with to the Garden of Eden, and rich resources of paintings and poetry.  On Passion Sunday, as we turn our thoughts towards Holy Week, she will introduce her profound and far-reaching thinking about the Cross.

Frances Young is Emeritus Professor of Theology at the University of Birmingham and a Methodist Minister. Her many books include Construing the Cross (SPCK 2016), the publication of her 2014 Didsbury lectures on the signs, symbols, poetry and significance of the Cross. 


Sunday 7 May 2017
Inventing the Universe  |  Alister McGrath

We’re often told that faith and science are at war with one another, and we have to choose one or the other. Alister McGrath says it’s time to consider another way looking at these two great cultural forces: what if science and faith might actually enrich each other? What if, together, they give us a deeper and more satisfying understanding of life?

Alister McGrath is one of the world’s leading authorities on science and religion and in his new book Inventing the Universe: Why we can’t stop talking about science, faith and God (Hodder 2015), he engages with the biggest questions of all: the origins of the universe, the burden of proof, the meaning of life, the existence of God.

Alister McGrath is Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University and the author of numerous academic and theological works including the best selling The Dawkins Delusion (SPCK 2007).