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CofE bishops urge church-going General Election voters to help build the society they want at ballot box

The Church of England's House of Bishops has released a letter, addressed to all members of the Church, to deeply consider how they use their vote at this year's General Election.

The 52-page letter, entitled Who is my Neighbour is "intended to help church members and others consider the question: how can we negotiate these dangerous times to build the kind of society which many people say they want but which is not yet being expressed in the vision of any of the parties?"


Maintaining its political neutrality and making assurances that the letter is not in favour of any party over another, it gives advice on what questions voters should ask those running for parliament and also warns against disengagement from the political system even if a vote on May 7 were "a vote for something less than a vision that inspires us."

The Reverend Canon Mark Oakley, Chancellor of St Paul's said: "Christians pray each day for God’s Kingdom to come on earth and for God’s will to be done here. They also commit themselves to practice what they pray for.

"It’s absolutely right then that the bishops argue that Christians should use their vote thoughtfully and engage with political life. The alternative apathy ultimately threatens us all but especially the most vulnerable. St Paul’s Institute has been exploring the theme of the common good that the bishops urge us to recall as foundational and there are many other clear and helpful reminders of Christian priorities in the run-up to an election in this timely document. Maybe read it during Lent?”