Alive in God: A Christian Imagination

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Alive in God: A Christian Imagination

Timothy Radcliffe OP

Jesus says he came to bring us life – life in all its abundance. But what does that mean, especially in such a time as this? It’s clear from the gospels that even his own disciples sometimes struggled to understand this strange, compelling man who healed, cast out demons and offered endless forgiveness. How can we begin to understand what he means? Who can help us?

Tuesday 8 December 2020 7.00 - 7.45pm
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Timothy Radcliffe says that imagination and creativity are vital to the Christian life, and that anyone who understands the beauty and messiness of human life – novelists, poets, artists and filmmakers – can be our allies. He also says they can connect us with everyone, whether people of faith or not, who grapple with the fundamental questions that have been brought into such sharp focus in the last year – how to love, how to be just, how to face suffering and death, how to be free.

In conversation with Paula Gooder, he will explore some of the ways that creativity and imagination can help us with the search for connection with each other, with ourselves, and with the great mystery of the transcendent God who became flesh and blood and lived among us.

Timothy Radcliffe is a Dominican Friar, a much-loved preacher and teacher, and the author of numerous books including What is the Point of Being a Christian? His latest book is Alive in God: A Christian Imagination.

Paula Gooder is Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral and a leading Biblical scholar. Her latest book is The Parables, in her Biblical Explorations series.

The event is free, but if you were able to make a donation to the continuing learning programme at St Paul’s Cathedral when you register we would be very grateful.