Jesus the Storyteller: the parables then and now

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Jesus the Storyteller: the parables then and now

Paula Gooder

Playful, thought-provoking and disruptive, Jesus’ parables reveal him as a storyteller who evokes mysterious worlds, and a conjurer for the imagination who both asks more questions than he makes statements and weaves more stories than he gives commandments. His parables range from quickfire images to long allegorical narratives with lots of characters, and use the stuff of everyday life – weeds, money, parties, family relationships - to disrupt what we, as much as his first listeners, think we know about God, the world and ourselves.

Tuesday 19 October 7.00 - 8.00pm
YouTube Premiere Free event

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Paula Gooder will be in conversation with Richard Coles about the parables and their enduring power to shock and surprise, and how they challenge us to live our faith in the 21st century.

Dr Paula Gooder is a renowned Biblical scholar, Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral and the author of numerous bestselling books including Phoebe: A Story, Heaven, The Body and The Parables, the latest in her Biblical Explorations series from Canterbury Press.

The Revd Richard Coles is the Vicar of Finedon, presenter of Radio Four’s Saturday Live and the author of books including The Madness of Grief and Fathomless Riches, or How I Went from Pop to Pulpit.

The event is free, but if you were able to make a donation to the continuing learning programme at St Paul’s Cathedral when you register we would be very grateful.