Rooted in Love

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Rooted in Love

Sarah Mullally

Life holds many mysteries and unanswered questions. This year more than ever, many of us have wondered where life’s meaning lies. The questions the Psalmists asked thousands of years ago have become our own: How long? Why? Where are you, God?

Tuesday 9 February 2021 7.00 - 7.45pm
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The pandemic has been a storm unlike anything we have experienced before. As we have faced illness, bereavement, mental health challenges and radical change, all At the beginning of the Gospel of John, the writer claims that the answer to the deepest mysteries of our lives and of the entire cosmos is not a philosophical idea or a scientific explanation, but a person. Jesus of Nazareth, the controversial rabbi who 2,000 years ago had a brief public career teaching and healing before being killed by the Roman authorities, is in himself, his life and his actions, his death and resurrection, the unveiling of the mystery at the heart of the universe. He is the life that breathes through each of us and the light that fills each day. He shows us the passionate, permanent love of God.

For Christians, this is the heart of our faith. Yet this a strange revelation does not give us neat answers, but asks us into relationship with the mystery. As we begin Lent after an unprecedented year of change and uncertainty, Sarah Mullally and Paula Gooder will be in conversation about the love of Christ, what it means to be part of the body of Christ, and how we can draw closer to Christ this Lent.

Sarah Mullally is the Bishop of London. She is the editor of Rooted in Love: Lent Reflections on Life in Christ which contains daily reflections from all the area bishops in the Diocese of London.

Paula Gooder is Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral and a leading Biblical scholar. Her latest book is The Parables, in her Biblical Explorations series.