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Reflective Days

Cost £40, bursaries available. The days includes reflective worship, lunch and other refreshments and take place at St Katharine’s Foundation in Limehouse, East London ( Bursaries are available for those for whom the charge would make it difficult to attend: please contact us for details. We are very grateful to our partners at St Katharine’s for their generosity in co-hosting our reflective days.
Something rich and strange: A spiritual journey through Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Mark Oakley
Saturday 17 June 10.30am - 5pm

The Tempest is one of Shakespeare’s most dazzling and cherished works, but can also seem abstruse and unfathomable. It is a play of transformations and rumours of unseen realities, music and mysteries, violence and betrayals, love and complicated, difficult relationships. Most probably a story of Shakespeare’s original creation, it lends itself to many interpretations and analyses, from a fable of art and creation to colonialist allegory.

How might a person of faith encounter the play? What insights and reflections on the human and divine come from it? In this reflective day, Mark Oakley will explore the spiritual adventure of language in what was probably Shakespeare’s last play. This will be a day about an intimate encounter with the text and its ideas and challenges, rather than a day about Shakespeare himself or the unknowable question of his own faith.

Mark Oakley is the Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, overseeing the arts and learning programmes at the cathedral. He writes regularly for the Church Times and The Tablet and broadcasts frequently on BBC Radio 4. His latest, bestselling, book The Splash of Words: Believing in Poetry (Canterbury Press) was published last year to great acclaim.