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2017 Videos


     The Gospel According to Mark read by David Suchet| 28 March 2017

Mark is the earliest of the Gospels, the one written closest to Jesus’ lifetime. It is short, urgent, passionate and dramatic and reads a little like a front-line despatch from Christ’s life and death. Often we hear the Gospels in short sections, but it can be a revelation to read – or hear – the whole of the story at once. 
David Suchet; one of the best-known and best-loved actors of his generation, reads the Gospel of Mark.



    Mariner: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Voyage of Faith - Malcolm Guite | 7 February 2017

Coleridge is, famously, one of the great Romantic poets, a group renowned for their wild lives and living outside respectable society. A brilliant and innovative poet, Coleridge was also, perhaps surprisingly, a man of profound faith and insight into the Christian life. Malcolm Guite, poet, priest, theologian and song-writer, explores Coleridge’s life, faith and work, and what we might learn from him for our own lives of faith.