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2017 Videos

    The God Who Speaks: The Bible and the Holy Spirit - Kate Coleman and Paula Gooder | 6 June 2017

Who is the Holy Spirit?  Jesus says that after his ascension into heaven, the Father will send another Counsellor to be with us forever, who will teach us all things.  Do we believe that? If we do, what does it mean for our lives and faith, our risk-taking, our take on change in our own lives and in the church?  Baptist Minister Revd Dr Kate Coleman and Biblical scholar Dr Paula Gooder discuss how can we hear and attend to the voice of the Spirit and follow where we are being guided.



    The Gospel According to Mark read by David Suchet | 28 March 2017

Mark is the earliest of the Gospels, the one written closest to Jesus’ lifetime. It is short, urgent, passionate and dramatic and reads a little like a front-line despatch from Christ’s life and death. Often we hear the Gospels in short sections, but it can be a revelation to read – or hear – the whole of the story at once. 
David Suchet; one of the best-known and best-loved actors of his generation, reads the Gospel of Mark.



    Mariner: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Voyage of Faith - Malcolm Guite | 7 February 2017

Coleridge is, famously, one of the great Romantic poets, a group renowned for their wild lives and living outside respectable society. A brilliant and innovative poet, Coleridge was also, perhaps surprisingly, a man of profound faith and insight into the Christian life. Malcolm Guite, poet, priest, theologian and song-writer, explores Coleridge’s life, faith and work, and what we might learn from him for our own lives of faith.