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Full peal of St Paul's bells completed to mark 60th anniversary of Queen's Coronation

A full peal of bells has been completed at St Paul's to mark 60 years since Her Majesty The Queen's Coronation.

Beginning at 12pm on Saturday 1 June, thirteen of the Cathedral's Guild of Ringers rang 5060 changes of Stedman Cinques in just under four hours. 

Ancient Society of College Youths
City of London
St Paul's Cathedral
Saturday 1 June 2013
in 3hr51 (tenor weight 62)
5060 Stedman Cinques
Composer: Bernard H Taylor 

Treble. J Alan Ainsworth (conductor)
2. Paul N Mounsey
3. Gwen Rogers
4. Andrew J Graham
5. Martin J Cansdale
6. David I Bassford
7. Antony R Kench
8. Paul J Tiebout
9. John I White
10. Martin C Faulkes
11. Philip Rogers
Tenor. Hilary F C Small and Henry D Coggill

The peal attempt at the Cathedral on Coronation Day in 1953, also of Stedman Cinques, under the conductorship of John E Chilcott, unfortunately had to be stopped due to a small error and was therefore unsuccessful.

Phil Rogers of the St Paul's Cathedral Guild of Ringers, said: "John was probably the best conductor of Stedman in the country at the time, making the loss particularly unfortunate. However, the peal was successfully rung 18 days later.

"John Chilcott is still with us and retired to the Hereford area. The only other surviving member of the band is his brother Michael. He is still a member of the Cathedral Guild and rang with us regularly until last year." 

Ancient Society of College Youths
City of London
St Paul's Cathedral
Saturday 20 June 1953
In honour of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, in 3hr 55min.
5007 Stedman Cinques
Composer: David E Parsons
Treble. Harry Miles
2. Horace Belcher
3. John E Chilcott (conductor)
4. David E Parsons
5. Michael V Chilcott
6. John Phillips
7. Alfred B Peck
8. John H Crampion
9. John S Mason
10. Frederick E Collins
11. Wilfred Williams
Tenor. Jack A Waugh and Cyril G J Watts

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