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Marmalade proves to be the preserve of the clergy

The breakfast tastes of the Bishop of London and Dean of St Paul's have been revealed, after they were presented with jars of marmalade by Cathedral volunteers.

Both the Right Reverend Richard Chartres and the Very Reverend David Ison disclosed they were fans of the orange preserve as they received the Cathedral Confitures from Linda Shepherd, Chris Allen, Richard Reddaway and Sylvia Knight, all members of the Cathedral volunteers' Friday Team.

The Bishop was given a jar of Bishop's Breakfast, a classic and old-fashioned recipe, while the Dean took away a pot of Dean's Delight, with a hint of ginger added to the orange.

Chris Allen said: "Linda Shepherd and Ann Tomlin, long standing marmalade makers, were discussing their recipes last month - it being marmalade time. I too make marmalade and we each decided to bring some in for a tasting. Chris Redfern also brought in some of his wife’s marmalade and we all had a jolly time tasting each others' recipes in the vestry one Friday last month.

"Another team member, Diana Davis, had read about National Marmalade Week, and sent us an article about it. This made it even more pertinent and I was day dreaming about a brand name and invented Cathedral Confitures with two recipes – Bishop’s Breakfast and Dean's Delight.

"It was a good example of how one idea can lead to another until you have a great marmalade enterprise! It was very much a team process and full marks to the Friday Team for making it happen. And to the Bishop and the Dean for being such good sports."