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St Paul's to hold Week of Prayer for Peace in Troubled Times

As news of conflict, persecution and humanitarian crisis continues to be seen and heard, St Paul's will host a Week of Prayer for Peace in Troubled Times.

The week, running from Monday 18 - Friday 22 August, will centre around the Cathedral's Prayer for Peace in Troubled Times and a single candle burning throughout the day in front of the Light of the World Painting - a sign of our prayers for brother and sister Christians in desperate, urgent situations around the world, and for all who are persecuted and fleeing from danger.

The special week is being organised as we continue to pray for Christian and other minority communities in Iraq and Syria and for people on all sides of the ongoing troubles in Gaza and Israel.

Throughout each day at the Cathedral, extra prayer cards will be available for all visitors to take away, and services, especially the 5pm Evening Prayer, will focus on peace throughout the world.

At the Friday Evening Prayer (22 August) there will be an especial focus on praying for peace and for the plight of those who are persecuted and in danger. The service will keep to the usual pattern of Evening Prayer but in the section of intercessions the leader will incorporate prayers for peace, silence and invite the congregation to share in the Coventry Cathedral Litany of Reconciliation, words first used after bombs had destroyed the city's Cathedral in WW2.

Everyone is welcome to come to St Paul's for this special week, particularly each Evening Prayer. There is never any admission charge to any service.

During daytime sightseeing hours, there is always a space set aside for quiet prayer and reflection. Again, there is never an admission charge for this. Please ask a steward on arrival.

A Prayer for Peace in Troubled Times

O God
the world seems very dark
and our hearts full of anguish
as we remember the many caught up
in the tangled conflicts of your world today.
Yet we must not, dare not, avert our eyes,
nor cease to pray.

And so we pray
for international leaders holding a thread of control,
for politicians holding a thread of power,
for religious leaders holding a thread of authority,
for the fighters holding a thread of influence,
and the citizens clinging to a thread of hope.
Bring a change of heart to those consumed by hatred
bring protection for the innocent and defenceless
bring a sense of urgency to those who can make a difference
and bring an end to violence through truthful dialogue,
determined mediation and courageous peace-making.

We pray in the name of Christ, the Light of the World,
our inspiration and confidence.


Christian Aid is currently running emergency appeals for Iraq, Syria, Gaza, India and the Philippines.
You can find out more about these at