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To all our volunteers - thank you!

As Volunteers' Week begins in the UK, the Cathedral gives a simple message to all those who give up their time and efforts here: thank you!

Somewhere as big, old and as busy at St Paul's cannot operate without a lot of people, and as well as the 150 paid staff, an army of volunteers much larger than that help in all areas of Cathedral life.

So we say thank you to our Working Friends and Guides, Bell Ringers, Wandsmen, Broderers, Servers, Pastoral Team, Flower Arrangers, Eucharistic Assistants, Lay Canons, Non-Executive Directors, Trustees, Council Members, Advisory Board Members and volunteers across different departments, notably Schools & Families and Collections.

The Reverend Canon Tricia Hillas, Pastor of St Paul's said: "The community of St Paul’s is rich and expansive. The truth of this is nowhere better expressed than in the wide range of work and ministry offered by our volunteers.

"They are to be found throughout the physical building (from the upper behind-the-scenes areas to the depths of the crypt) and they contribute to a surprising range of areas of service. These diverse volunteers bring a depth of experience, individual passion, academic interest, dedication, expertise and knowledge without which our life as a Cathedral, and what we offer to our visitors, would be greatly impoverished.

"It is often said, but is most definitely true, that we really wouldn’t be what we are without them and so in this national Volunteers' Week, we want to say a public ‘thank you’ to each of them."