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Watch again: Clarissa Dickson Wright speaks at St Paul's Cathedral

Today the Cathedral is very saddened to learn of the death of Clarissa Dickson Wright, barrister, celebrity chef and one half of the Two Fat Ladies.

In April 2013, Clarissa came to St Paul's as part of a series of conversations under the dome entitled Mind of the Maker.

In her conversation with the Cathedral's Chaplain, Reverend Sarah Eynstone, Clarissa spoke frankly about her abusive upbringing and of her alcoholism from which she is clear she was rescued by God.

Talking about her continued faith, and with one of many references to food throughout her life, Clarissa said: "When I read about the Last Supper I can almost taste the lamb and I just hope it was well cooked and that the bread was well-prepared."

And when asked how she would like to be remembered, she said: "I’d like to be remembered for humour, for believing what I say. I’ve turned down a lot of money from supermarkets to go against what I believe in. I’d like to be considered a person of integrity, in the sense that I’ve always stood up for my beliefs however unpopular that might have been at the time. And that I said what I thought whether people agreed with it or not. And also that I was quite happy to allow them the right to say what they thought whether I agreed with it or not. I’d like to be considered as someone who enjoyed good food, good laughter, the company of my friends and just generally as a good old fat cook."

The Reverend Canon Michael Hampel, Precentor of St Paul's, who organised the Mind of the Maker series, said: "We’re very sad indeed to hear of Miss Dickson Wright’s death. We thoroughly enjoyed her visit to St Paul’s last year and were inspired by her zest for life. She reminded us that people don’t show enough gratitude – either to God or to each other. We’re thankful to God that his servant Clarissa shared her enthusiasm for life with so many of the people around her."