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8:00am Holy Communion
10:15am Choral Mattins
11:30am Sung Eucharist
3:15pm Choral Evensong
6:00pm Eucharist


The uplifting sound of the choir and organ as they resound around the glorious edifice of St Paul's testify to the one aim of its musicians - to enrich the worship of those attending services and to provide inspiration to all who visit the Cathedral.

There is a grandeur about our great cathedrals that invests worship with a heightened sense of theatre. There is a quality of anonymity about them too, which permits the uncommitted a greater privacy than they might find among the familiar faces of a parish congregation.

Silent cathedrals are at best awesome monuments; fill them with music and you have one of the most potent keys of man's devising for unlocking his earthbound spirit. Evolving over nine centuries since its formation, St Paul's Cathedral Choir now touches thousands with its music, through services, recordings, broadcasts, concerts and tours.

Whether you are familiar with the sound of the choir or are about to experience it for the first time, we welcome you, and hope these website pages can add something to your appreciation and enjoyment.


New art installation for Advent and Christmastide at St Paul's Cathedral

A work by Ian Hamilton Finlay has been installed for a short period during Advent and Christmastide.   L'étoile dans son étable de lumière - The star in its stable of light- is on display opposite the crib at the West End of the Cathedral. The work and the words in neon...

Advent and Christmas at St Paul's Cathedral 2016

From surprise special celebrity readers to your favourite carols, and the wonder and worship of God's mystery - there's something for everyone at St Paul's during Advent and Christmas. Bring the children for a family-friendly carol service on a Saturday morning, join us for...

A statement on the protected view of St Paul’s Cathedral

The Chapter of St Paul’s Cathedral have been made aware of the concerns for the protected view of the cathedral from Richmond, first raised by the Friends of Richmond Park.  The Cathedral was not notified or consulted on the planning application for this major development...